The Importance of Water



The Importance of Water

The Importance of Water

It is impossible to overemphasize the importance of including an adequate water supply in your survival preparations. Next to oxygen, water is the most critical element for human survival. If you don’t have water, whatever else you have does not matter, because you won’t survive for long without it. You can go 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water.

In our bodies, water acts as a solvent by dissolving nutrients and essential vitamins. It then acts as a delivery mechanism, transporting the dissolved nutrients to individual cells. Water is also critical for removing toxins from the body and is also used to regulate body temperature.

With all these uses it is no wonder that almost 60 percent of our bodies consists of water. But, on average, most people lose about two to three liters of water per day. This water must be replaced daily to avoid a sever impact on your body’s normal functions.

The recommended amount of water to have on hand is one gallon for each person for each day. In our family of four, that means a 30 day supply would be 120 gallons of water! This amount not only includes drinking water, but also factors in hygiene and food preparation needs.

Even though FEMA only recommends a three day water supply, there are too many scenarios where that amount of time could easily be exceeded by some emergency. In our family, we have decided that we do not want to be in the situation of having to leave the house to look for water during an emergency. It is well worth the money (and it doesn’t cost much) to stockpile a month’s worth of water.

Regardless of how much water you stockpile, you must also know how to purify water and have the equipment you will need. What happens if you have to leave your home? You can only carry so much water with you so you will inevitably need to create more through purification. We have two filter systems that we use, one especially useful if we have to leave the house. Beyond that, we also have learned how to use purification chemicals, because most filters will not remove viruses that can cause illnesses.

In these uncertain times, it gives us a great feeling of security to know that, whatever happens, we will be able to have enough water. For more information on the details of what we have done watch this video.

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