The Family Survival Guide: A Review



The Family Survival Guide: A Review

The Family Survival Guide: A Review

As a provider for your family, you always want what will be best for them, especially in times of disaster. However, even by reading the Department of Defense’s website, you will be no more prepared for a real disaster than your children are. Because of this, it is essential that you learn how to survive from an expert, gathering all the information on where to go in a disaster, how to always have hot meals and create clean drinking water, and even how to use weapons and medical supplies in times of dire need to protect the people you love the most. The Family Survival System, an online system that helps you plan for any type of disaster humanly possible, gives a comprehensive take on survival for even the wilderness challenged. This Family Survival System review is meant to look at the positives of the program and help you make a better informed decision about protecting your family

Survival: Not Just a Conspiracy Theory

This program, created by a survival specialist with over 60 FEMA disaster related certifications, was based off of his analysis of the current state of the United States given its financial decline in the past few decades. Seventeen trillion dollars in debt with the United States economy in the worst position it has been in its history, the country is due for a collapse and fast. However, FEMA and the American government aren’t prepared or able to protect the hundreds of thousands of people that will need their aid once this disaster strikes. Furthermore, the American public that has prepared for disaster is only further endangering their families with a false sense of security, making them more susceptible to an unfortunate fate once disaster strikes.

How This Affects You

Predicting that FEMA will, like usual, take care of the top 10% before the hardworking American citizen, the creator of the program knows that families in waiting will have to be without resources for one to three months. Ample time for things to go awry, the Family Survival System is meant to show families how to survive in any situation, with or without FEMA’s help. This makes the family self-reliant, giving them knowledge they will be able to trade for food or shelter once disaster strikes and they are on their own. By preparing the family with useful, practical knowledge for staying alive without the help of government aid, the Family Survival System will keep families alive and together through the tough times of the future. This system is holistic in its approach to helping families and gives them all the tools they need to survive in power outages, natural disasters, war, and famine. Because of this, the Family Survival Guide is more than just a conspiracy theory, but rather a feasible and tangible solution to the fast-approaching dystopian future that awaits the United States. Before your family is separated or harmed, investing in this program could save all of your lives and give you a sense of real security.

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