Prepping 101 for People under 18



Prepping 101 for People under 18

Prepping 101 for People under 18
It was recently brought to my attention via one of my twitter followers, that it is a lot more difficult to be a prepper when you are under 18. He pointed out that it is especially difficult to prep for protecting yourself since they are unable to buy guns. It is also difficult to be a prepper when you are under 18 because I am sure that your parents will not let you do some of the major preps that I have been able to do to my house that my parents probably wouldn’t have let me. If you are under 18 you are also probably lacking in the money that it would take to do some of the more major preps. So what I would tell people who are under 18 is to start with smaller preps and build your way up.

The first thing I would do is start with a bug out bag. For those of you who do not know what a bug out back is, it is a bag that is packed with everything that you would need to survive if you were forced to leave your house and survive on the road. In this bag I would recommend that you include a few things including fire starters, rope, water purification supplies, space blankes, tarps, duct tape, knifes, and an axe to name a few things. I would use a hiking back pack which is what I use, and I still have plenty of room in there for anything else I would stuff in right before I left.
The biggest question that I was asked is how they can protect themselves without having guns. He asked about pellet guns specifically, and my belief on pellet guns is that they can hurt if you hit them in the right place but there is really know way that this will stop people. Being under 18 there are many other things you are able to buy to protect yourself including a bow and arrow, knifes, axes, hatchets, and swords. What I would recommend is finding something in one of these categories and use it until you are comfortable with it. Now by use it I obviously do not mean to go out and start cutting people with your knife, I mean to practice wielding it, practice against stationary targets, but be careful so you do not hurt yourself or anyone else around you.
Now since I did not start prepping until I was older then 18 I did not run into any of these difficulties. However, with the recent rise in prepping I believe that it has taken a sharp rise in the recent years because of the new shows on tv and the rise of how popular it has become in common society.
Other than the fact that you are unable to buy weapons and you are unable to conduct large preps such as a water collection system or solar panels does not mean that you are unable to prep to the best of your ability. You can still do what I have mentioned and make a bug out bag, prep for you and your family, store food and water in your room, practice your skills such as hunting, trapping, or fire building. All of these are great skills that you will need to have in a post apocalyptic world, and the more you practice now the more you will be prepared in the future to take on anything that comes your way. My last note is that you should find other preppers, learn their tips, learn what they know. The more you know the more you will be prepared for and isn’t that the name of the game?

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