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About Us

There are a lot of people who seem to go overboard with this survival stuff, so I thought I could provide an alternative source of information. Our family is not really “outdoorsy” and, until recently we had no firearms and do not contemplate “bugging out” when a disaster strikes. We are deeply concerned about the economy and the unsustainability of the national debt and feel that an economic disaster of some kind is inevitable, so we have decided to do what we can to prepare.

The recession caught us completely off guard, and I swore that would never happen again. Since then I have committed myself to keeping up with what is going on from every viewpoint possible and learning about what I, as an individual, can do to not ever let events just “happen” to me and my family again.

This research has turned into a real passion and each day I review in detail the news and postings from more than 45 news sites and blogs. I read books and do research on areas I am unfamiliar and find that I can quickly gain a good understanding of the important things to know in each area.

Fortunately I have always been able to write well so I can also express this knowledge in understandable terms for people who do not have the time to do all the research I do.

So I offer this blog as a resource for learning about what can potentially affect the security and well- being of you, your family and your home. My focus is not in politics, or proving anyone right or wrong – I simply do not want my family to suffer, regardless of what happens in the future.

I do not believe we should be preparing hidden bunkers in the hills – who can afford that anyway? Nor am I concerned that government agents will be breaking down my door at some point in the future. The real threat is from an economic breakdown that could cause food and water supplies to be disrupted. I initially thought that there was a slight chance this could happen, but my research has shown that the food and water supplies in this country are extremely vulnerable to disruption from many sources.

In our current environment any man who makes no preparations is, whether he realizes it or not, endangering his family and himself. As a father and a husband, pretending that everything is fine is really the height of irresponsibility. Just saying “but I don’t know what to do” just doesn’t cut it, either.

When the inevitable occurs, and everyone is shocked at just how fast the food disappears off the store shelves, you are not going to want to be wandering around your city or town. At this point, the absolute safest place to be is almost always going to be your home, IF you have the supplies and knowledge that you need.

Riots or looting could start at any time and law enforcement resources will be stretched thin. Compounding the lack of response from police will be the number of officers that will just go home to protect their own families. Very suddenly, you and your family could be on your own for an extended period of time.

If this happens, you will not only want to get home, you will want to STAY there, and not have to go out for food or anything else. You also want to be able to defend your home, if necessary. You also do not want to broadcast the fact that you are getting prepared and know how to not look like a target. People do crazy things when they are hungry and thirsty and, once the stores are empty, they may remember a comment you made about storing up food.

This blog will prepare you for all these things and keep you updated on new developments that can affect your family.

Since it would also not make sense to broadcast my name, I will be using a pseudonym.


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